These pacesetting, healing environments will elevate care in our community to a new level of excellence. Located on the same campus as UCSF's world-renowned research enterprise, they will further encourage the kind of collaboration for which UCSF, consistently one of the nation's top 10 medical centers, is known - translating laboratory discoveries into next-generation therapies.

- Mark Laret
CEO, UCSF Medical Center

Scientists at the forefront of understanding the basic mechanisms of disease and physicians practicing cutting edge medicine will partner to find and deliver the best possible care to children, women, and cancer patients.

- Josh Adler
CMO, UCSF Medical Center

We have the opportunity to leverage best practice, optimize our ways of doing business and provide exceptional patient and family care in a brand new building.

- Kim Scurr
Executive Director, UCSF Mission Bay Operations Planning, Benioff Children's Hospital

The vision for design and operations of these benchmark facilities was created by clinicians, patients and families, alike. It's exciting to reach the operations planning phase, where that vision moves into reality.

- Cindy Lima
Executive Director, UCSF Mission Bay Hospitals Project

In our first six months of operations planning, we


The Situation

As you know, UCSF Medical Center and UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital have outgrown their physical space at the Parnassus Heights and Mount Zion campuses, and clinicians are caring for patients in outdated facilities. With Mission Bay, we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to grow our Children's, Women's and Cancer programs, and simultaneously upgrade all UCSF Medical Center facilities to expand programs including neurosurgery, cardiovascular, organ transplantation and others. Larger programs mean more rapid translation of medical science into clinical practice and the accelerated development of new diagnostic and treatment approaches to expand health care in San Francisco and beyond.

The Challenge

Our goal in Operations Planning is to engage clinicians and other front-line staff in identifying opportunities to improve operationally as a result of changes to our physical space as well as eliminating waste in present-state, suboptimal processes. At the same time, we will explore new ways of doing things rooted in best practice.

The Solution

The operations planning team has an integrated structure which includes four key channels:

Clinical Operations Planning

Responsible for planning and executing interdisciplinary and department-specific workflow planning, detailed transition planning and aid in the design of scopes of service, staffing models, optimization of work processes, paths of travel, patient flow, space planning and room usage, equipment placement, best practice, opportunities for improvement, communication, and policy changes.

Physician Strategy

Determine the scope of programs moving to Mission Bay as well as optimal physician consult and coverage models for serving patients. They will also facilitate access to Mission Bay for referring and other community physicians.

Mission Bay Information Technology

Responsible for designing, developing, and implementing a comprehensive IT solution for the Mission Bay hospitals, including voice, patient empowerment, telemetry, telemedicine/telehealth, and wireless/ infrastructure among others.

Mission Bay Finance

Develop the FY2015 labor and operating budget and multi-year transition budget. With Strategy and Business Development, the team has refined FY2015 patient volume forecasts to complete a Mission Bay capacity analysis.

Workflow Development Methodology

  1. Current state - how do we accomplish the processes today?
  2. Future State - how will we accomplish the processes in the new facility?
  3. Gaps Analysis - what are the differences between the current and future processes?
  4. Work Plans and Pilots - how and when will we address the gap and move from current to future state processes?

Workflow Development Phases

Phase 1: November 2011-Febuary 2012

Facility Access, Materials Management, Ready Room/Unit

Phase 2: March 2012-June 2012

ED, Perioperative Services/SPD, Common Nurse Practice Group

Phase 3: August 2012-December 2012

Imaging, Patient Flow, Clinical Lab & Pathology, Common Clinic Practice, Medication Administration & Distribution, Support Services, Clinical Units/Practices

Phase 4: January 2013-May 2013

Admission Process, Discharge Process, Code Response & Disaster Plan, Pneumatic Tube, Non-Clinical Departments

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UCSF Mission Bay Operations Planning
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Jennifer Hood, Manager
Tweedie Gaines, Analyst
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